Approvals & standardisation Director - Trevor Woods

Trevor Woods commenced his career as an apprentice at British Aerospace.  He graduated in Aeronautical Engineering and was later awarded a Master of Business Administration.  Following his graduation, he worked in the Military Aircraft Division of British Aerospace as a Future Projects Engineer in the development of supersonic VSTOL aircraft. 

He moved to the UK CAA in the design certification of aircraft and over time covered all aircraft categories from balloons to supersonic transport leading both national and international certification projects including JAA certification of the Next Generation of Boeing 737 aircraft.  Through this he was engaged in the development of working arrangements with FAA that encompassed cooperative and concurrent certification along with what was then a new approach to determining the applicable rules for derivative aircraft. 

Positions that he held in the UK CAA included Head of UK Aeroplanes and Rotorcraft Certification, and Head of Strategy and Policy for initial and continuing airworthiness.  During this period he was an active participant in the JAA Rulemaking Sectorial Team and subsequently the EASA Advisory Group of National Authorities (AGNA).  He was also very active in the ICAO Airworthiness Panel which completely overhauled Annex 8 of the Convention.

When EASA was formed he played a central role in the UK CAA’s transition programme to accommodate the initial Basic EASA Regulation.  This included organisational restructuring, the transfer of responsibilities to EASA and the work that the UK CAA carried out on behalf of the Agency.

In January 2008 he was appointed as Chief Operating Officer of Air Safety Support International.  This is a subsidiary company of the UK CAA providing air safety support and regulation for the UK Overseas Territories. 

He is married and has three children.